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It really is amazing how many options we have when it comes to toilets. We have been in the plumbing business a little over twenty years and we have seen many changes in the toilet. We can get just about any color, we can get them where you can hardly hear it and we can get one that goes in your home but the second you flush it, you would think you where in a commercial building. We have some customers  near me that have paid us thousands of dollars to install top of the line toilets that do it all with built in washers and a warm blow dryer. I’m telling you, when it comes to toilets, the seats the limit. We have some basic toilets in stock and we can install it the same day even if it’s after hours. If you just need a toilet repaired, we carry all parts in our trucks and if it’s not on the truck, we have it in the shop. Our shop is located here near me so if we need parts, we don’t have to go far.

Choosing the Right Toilet

The best way to choose a toilet is evaluate your situation. If your aging and can’t get up off the toilet like you used to, you may want to think about having a handicap toilet installed rather then a standard toilet. I’m not saying you have to be handicap, I’m just saying that they sit up about four inches higher and a lot easer to get up from. The other thing to think about is the power flush toilet. The power flush toilet will wake your partner from a dead sleep in the middle of the night when you flush it but what most love about the power flush toilet is that it’s almost self cleaning. The water is held in the pressurized tank and when you flush, the water is forced into the bowl and keeps the bowl clean. Be sure this is the toilet you want before you have it installed, like I said above, I have installed a power flush toilet one day and received a call the next day to remover it and install a regular toilet because it scared the crap out of the spouse when flushed at 3:00 am. Other then the noise of the flush, it is a great toilet.




Commercial Toilets

Commercial toilets are built to last and can hold up to some of the most abuse you can through at it. The toilets that are abused the most are ones in bars, for some reason people get drunk and want to kick the flush valve a little extra, this has cost bar owners tons of money each year. We recommend to most bar owners to install the waterless urinals. Having a waterless urinal installed seems like a lot of money up front but the thing to think about is the savings on the repairs, the drunks have nothing to kick so they just move along with their night and no damage. One other problem we have with commercial toilet is with clogs due to product thefts. What happens is people will go into the restroom in stores like best buy and remove the product from the package and flush the wrapper down the drain and plug up the toilet. If they could just keep all merchandise out of the restrooms, they too would not have as many toilet stoppages.

Toilet Repairs

What is the most common toilet repair? I would have to say next to a stopped up drain would be a flapper replacement. The flapper is the round disk with the chain connected to it that is connected to the handle. What happens with the flapper is when you put the blue toilet cleaner in the tank, it will slowly take its toll on the flapper. The best way to test if the flapper is bad is to remove any colored bowl cleaner and fill the toilet with clean clear water. Drop a few drops of food color in the tank and wait for about five minuets, if you see the water in the bowl changing color, the flapper needs to be replaced. The way this works is when you flush the toilet the flapper rises and the water from the tank passes by the flapper and into the bowl. When we put the food color in the tank, if the flapper is bad, the water will pass by the flapper and into the bowl. If you need help with this or any other toilet problems, give us a call, we will walk you through it or come out and fix it for you at an affordable price.

Paula Lopez